Saturday, November 22, 2014

Highway 101-Encinitas

Encinitas is  the next city south after Carlsbad.  Leucadia is within the city of Encinitas.  Most of the markers for Historic U.S. 101 are the small conventional markers.  Along much of this section of 101 are eucalyptus trees, that were planted along the highway as a beautification measure.  There is a state scenic poppy flower marker located just south of Encinitas Blvd.  Since this scenic route is on a county route, which is maintained by the city of Encinitas, the California poppy flower is posted on a pentagon cut in the shape of a typical county route marker.

Coast Highway 101 marker along sidewalk

In the heart of Encinitas, Highway 101 passes under the Encinitas Arch.

Encinitas sign over the highway

At the corner of Highway 101 and D Street, there are these markers on the corners.

Flower marker on a street corner

La Paloma Theater
La Paloma Theater

When first signed in Leucadia in 1997, Historic U.S. 101 was shown as "Coast Highway 101" or Coast Highway 101" within a U.S. highway shield.  This type of sign lasted until around 2001 or 2002, and it was phased out in favor of the brown signs.  The original design lives on in the tree gates in downtown Encinitas, which replicated the Coast Highway 101 design once seen along the historic route.  There is public art on the sidewalks in downtown Encinitas that include ode to surfing, El Camino Real and Historic U.S. 101.

Near Swami's is a "surfer crossing" sign that is seemingly unique to Encinitas

The La Paloma Theater is located on 101 in Encinitas.  On February 11, 1928, La Paloma Theater opened with the film, "The Cohen's and Kelly's in Paris."  The gala event was attended by Hollywood starlet and soon to be Academy Award Winner Mary Pickford.  It was rumored that she rode her bicycle all the way to La Paloma from Pickford Ranch for the event.

La Paloma, which means the dove, was one of the first theaters to show "Talkies."  Talking pictures premiered in 1927, with Warner Bros. film "Jazz Singer" starring Al Jolson.  Making the transition from silent films to "Talkies" did not happen overnight, so La Paloma was also equipped with a beautiful organ, which was a standard piece of equipment during the Silent era.  Films in the early days of motion pictures were usually preceded by a vaudeville stage act, and La Paloma was well suited for that.

There are two favorite beaches in Encinitas; one is called Moonlight, which is perfect for families and Swami's Beach, which was made famous by the Beach Boys' hit song, "Surfin' USA, which is one of San Diego County's prime surf spots.

Encinitas is home to the San Diego Botanic Garden, which features 37 acres of unusual plants from all over the world, including the largest bamboo collection in the United States.  The garden is located farther inland.

Public art in Encinitas along Historic 101!

Cardiff-by-the-Sea is the southernmost community within the city of Encinitas.  Cardiff-by-the-Sea is usually referred to as Cardiff.  Cardiff has its own Zip Code.  In 1911, this former farming community began to develop J.Frank Cullen broke ground to build new homes.  It is reported by the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce that it was Frank Cullen's wife, a native of Cardiff, Wales,  who persuade him to name the community, "Cardiff."  Many streets in Cardiff bear names this English-born landowner grew up with in his native United Kingdom.

Cardiff Reef is a popular surf spot in Cardiff that produces waves both professional and novice surfers enjoy year round.


  1. I tried to get onto Moonlight Beach this summer - but parking was no where to be found. The lot was full and street parking was just crazy. Couldn't find anywhere to park - so I found a Mexican Restaurant who made the best "wine-aritas" I ever had. Yum!

    1. Eydie, I know what you mean about Moonlight Beach and parking. I have been relatively lucky regarding parking. There is also parking near the train station, but it is a walk to Moonlight Beach. I like what you found though!